7 Reasons Why Riding Improves Your Life

People who have been around horses know that these amazing creatures are the best of friends a person can have and nobody and nothing in the world would substitute them. They also know what benefits they get from being around horses and what does it mean to touch a horse and feel the touch they give.

Horses and riding have really improved our lives and below you are going to read 7 reason why riding improves your lives. Maybe you already know them and if you do just show these reasons to your non-equestrian friends.

1. Improves Posture: Riding requires good posture and this posture is also reflected in your everyday life, the way you walk and the way you stand.

2. Teaches Respect: Horses are a great way to teach children respect for nature and other beings. Taking care of a horse and riding on requires discipline and work ethic and children can be taught these from an early age.

3. Time Outside: TV, smartphones, tablets, laptops: all of these keep us inside and if we don’t control it they are usually a source of stress. Having a horse encourages you to go outside and ride, be active and stress-free as you gallop through the woods or fields.

4. Horse-Assisted Therapy: It’s no wonder and it is known now that horses are great therapy and guide animals (miniature horses). Horses have improved the lives of people with disabilities as they have given them the opportunity to experience walking and running on four legs. Besides this, their psychological health has greatly improved.

5. Friendship: Friendships made at the barn are some of the strongest friendships you will ever have. If you ride horses, you will never be lonely.

6. Stress Relief: You’ve carried too much from a hard day at work back home and what better way to let it go than got on a horse and go riding? This stress-free activity will make all your worries and problems disappear. People who tried this confirmed that they had a reduction in stress.

7. Exercise: Many of you would be surprised that horse riding is a great way to exercise. But how is this possible? When you go horseback riding you use muscles you don’t even know they exist and one who tries it for the first time will surely feel pain in those muscles the next day. Enjoying nature and exercising at the same time is one of the things that horse riding offers.

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